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What Causes Bed Bug Infestations? The Leading Bed Bug Specialist in Atlanta, GA Explains!

What Causes Bed Bug Infestations? The Leading Bed Bug Specialist in Atlanta, GA Explains!

What Causes Bed Bug Infestations?

Bed bug infestations are caused several ways. The most common way is by being introduced to an infestation without knowing about it. An example of this would be staying in a hotel or visiting a friend’s home that does not know or does not inform you of the bed bug infestation. Bed Bugs are hitch hikers which makes it extremely easy to bring them home with you. Several months ago, our team at Georgia Bedbug Solutions was called to a condominium for a bed bug outbreak. After inspecting over 100 units and finding bed bugs in 12 of them, it was easy to see the way they were spread. While these units were not located right next to each other, they did use the same elevator and hallways to get to their homes. It is unfortunate, but it is that easy for bed bugs to spread.

Another large factor that causes bed bugs to be so bad in Atlanta, GA is the bed bug exterminator cost. Most pest control companies are not bed bug specialist. This means they must overprice the service because they are likely sending a manager to perform the treatment, or they are contracting it out and taking part of the profits. This typically skyrockets the price to a point where the family cannot afford the bed bug exterminator cost and they try the “online stuff” which never works. It is for this very reason I founded Georgia Bedbug Solutions. After managing one of the largest pest control companies in the country I decided it was time for a change in the way bed bugs were handled. I presented the service that we currently provided to our customers to my former employer and was laughed at. Why? Because the equipment was too expensive and the cost would go down to the consumer, lowering the overall profit. Lucky for you, we have implemented all the best practices to lower the bed bug exterminator cost and offered the Atlanta market a bed bug specialist company instead of a pest control company.

In addition to bed bug exterminator cost and being introduced to a current bed bug infestation, bed bugs are also handled very poorly by those who are currently infested. This is usually not at fault to them but by being misinformed. Individuals with bed bug infestations are often very embarrassed by the issue and will still let family and friends come over without telling them. This relates to the first topic but is still important to mention. It is also extremely common to arrive at a home with the mattress thrown out by the road without being treated. This makes the bed bugs go in all directions and is a huge issue for community nearby and those who must dispose of the mattress. Bed bugs are not outside insects and will always seek shelter to find a host to feed on.

While there are numerous reasons for what causes a bed bug infestation, these are the top 3 that stick out to us. We hope that this helps and of course, if you have any question feel free to comment, send and email or call. We are always happy to help!


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