Causes of Bed Bug Infestations in Atlanta

Things that Lead to Bed Bug Infestations

Causes of Bed Bug Infestations in Atlanta

Traveling is widely acknowledged as the leading cause of bed bug infestations. Often undiscovered, these little bugs will get to people, their clothing, personal things, and be unintentionally transferred to many other things.

Bed bugs can be remarkably good at relocating and not getting discovered. As tiny, pesky insects, they could hide in small, secret spaces typically out from sigh, such as from behind headboards or deeply in upholstered furniture. 

Because they have flat bodies, it is easy for them to avoid getting smashed when someone rolls over onto them during the evening. Even though these pests like to hide, they will certainly show up whenever they sense a host and feed on their blood. But even so, these pests are mindful of their actions. To prevent recognition, the reddish-dark brown pesky pests typically hold off until the middle of the night before beginning their search for blood and moving towards a victim. They inject their target with a mild anesthetic as a trick for them to go unseen as they feed. 


Aside from food poisoning and missing suitcases, these bugs certainly really are a major problem for vacationers. Over the past ten years, bedbugs made a resurgence across the world, and they are generally a significant burden for almost all homeowners inside the U.S.

There are no exceptions regarding bed bug infestations because both homeowners and business owners have claimed to have experienced difficulties with these pesky pests. Traveling overseas is frequently reported as among the biggest contributing factors to an upswing in bedbug infestations inside the U.S. 

Thrifted Furniture

Another common cause of bed bugs is second-hand or thrifting household furniture. Bed bugs usually originate in a swarmed property that is brought directly into a new home or office.

In the same manner, rented furniture can be why bed bugs are present in a home. These bugs can endure for weeks without having food, so merely isolating affected furniture will never eliminate these pests. Homeowners and renters frequently unintentionally acquire these bugs inside their homes by collecting thrown away home furniture and getting it in their residences. Not every affected product which is thrown out is known for being infested with bed bugs. 

Tips to stay away from bedbugs when you are traveling.

Inspect your bed. When you get to your overnight accommodation, check the bed thoroughly as well as the ground. You can do this by tugging back the bedding and closely examining the bedding and spring seams for almost any signs and symptoms of these pests. 

These signs might include dead bed bugs, precisely the size of an apple seed, or darkish fecal smears that may look like a lasting marker spot. 

  • Keep baggage away from the bed and furniture – Decrease the likelihood of bedbugs hitching to your vacation travel luggage by putting them as far out of your vacation bed as you can—store your luggage in the bathroom or other safe places.
  • Check baggage before packing and unpacking – Be sure to look at your baggage before you pack. Review your clothing and other things for these insects along with any zipped pockets. When you return home, re-examine your luggage before unpacking to prevent scattering bedbugs to your home.

Rinse clothing. You must put all apparel in your suitcases to the dryer upon your return to avoid these little bugs from hitching onto them. These bugs may still survive after washing, so you should put your garments into the dryer for around twenty minutes or more. This is to make sure that these small pests are killed and eliminated. After drying, you could wash your garments in hot soap and water then dry them out again. Warmth is an important key, as it is a successful technique for ridding of all bedbugs.

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