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Why Georgia Bedbug Solutions vs. Our Competitors?

Why Georgia Bedbug Solutions vs. Our Competitors?

Georgia Bedbug Solutions has unmatched experience dealing with bed bugs vs. our competitors.

Georgia Bedbug Solutions only deals with bed bug infestations, day in and day out. We are constantly redeveloping the ways that bed bug treatments are performed because we deal with them every single day. When our owner worked for one of the largest pest control companies in the country, they would, maybe, do 2 to 3 bed bug services a month for the entire office, meaning each technician might perform 1 bed bug service a month. At Georgia Bedbug Solutions, our technicians service anywhere between 20-40 bed bug services a month. This experience can not be overlooked as the success on the service depends on it. This is why we are able to offer the best bed bug guarantee in the industry and also why we are ranked the best bed bug company in Georgia with great reviews across all online platforms.

Georgia Bedbug Solutions has the best equipment in the bed bug industry vs. our competitors.

What good is a service if you do not have the proper equipment to perform the work? That was the question we asked ourselves when forming our company and is why we decided to invest in the best equipment in the bed bug industry. By having the bed bug equipment to handle jobs from 100sqft to 10,000sqft, we are able to take jobs in that most companies have to turn down. In addition, we are able to perform the bed bug services much faster and achieve temperatures much higher with our bed bug equipment which is ultimately what makes or breaks a bed bug heat treatment. We were recently called into Atlanta, GA to look at a large bed bug infestation that consumed 16 bed rooms in a community. This infestation had been going on for over 2 years and was severe! After receiving 3 inspections, one company said they could not do it, the other company said they could do it over the course of a week and could start the work in 10 days and we said we could do the job the very next day. Not only did we start the job the very next day, which was a Saturday, we also did the entire job on that Saturday (1-day) and charged the customer HALF of what the other company quoted them. This actually leads us to our final reason for this blog as to Why Georgia Bedbug Solutions vs. Our Competitors.

Georgia Bedbug Solutions has the best pricing in the bed bug industry vs. our competitors.

For years pest control companies have been using scare tactics against customers and have price gauged their bed bug services. They know that no one wants to live with bed bugs and use that to their advantage when quoting the service. It is not fair to the customer and is simply wrong. There is nothing wrong with making money, but if there is a better way to do something while making it affordable, it should be done and we did it. By investing in our education of bed bugs as well as our equipment, we are able to be more thorough and effective all while keeping the cost as affordable as possible. Jobs that will take our competition 5 days to perform we are able to do in 1 day. We then pass that savings to our customers, it is that simple. Not only do we offer a best price guarantee with heat remediation, we also will never use scare tactics and will give our honest recommendation on what needs to be performed to get rid of the bed bug infestation.

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