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Why Bed Bug Service Tampa Uses Heat (And Why Chemical Alternatives Aren’t Always 100% Effective)

Why Bed Bug Service Tampa Uses Heat (And Why Chemical Alternatives Aren’t Always Effective)

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There are a range of bed bug treatments on the market but, as you might expect, some are significantly better than others. 


In this post, we explain why our bed bug company in Tampa only uses heat treatments. We then explore some of the problems with chemical treatments and why they don’t always work.


How And Why Bed Bug Service Tampa Are So Effective


Bed bugs are difficult to remove compared to other pests because they are good at hiding in tiny gaps and crevices. 


For this reason, pest control professionals developed a new system to eliminate them: heat treatment. 


Heat treatment usually involves the use of steam. Pest controllers direct a steam jet or nozzle at infested items, such as carpets, and upholstered furniture, destroying bed bugs in the process.


Other heat treatment systems include portable heat chambers and hot dryers. Small dryers are best for household ornaments and smaller upholstered items, while larger ones are suitable for regular-size furniture, including beds. Pest controllers simply place infested items in these machines and then raise the temperature until they eliminate all bed bugs. The process does not damage regular possessions if done correctly. 


Heat methods are also effective for treating infested rooms (rooms with chronic bed bug infestations not limited to a specific area). Raising the temperature into the 140°F-160°F range exceeds bed bugs’ heat tolerance while avoiding any damage to your furniture or homewares. Heat treatment usually involves the use of indirect heating machine and fans throughout the home to spread the heat evenly. By allowing the home to get over 140 degrees Fahrenheit and sit at these temperatures for a minimum of 3 hours, pest control companies are sure to get the bed bugs, no matter where they may be hiding.


Bed Bug Services Tampa – Advantages Of Heat Treatment


There are several advantages of heat treatment for bed bugs compared to other methods. First, heat is non-toxic and does not require spraying any insecticides in your home. Second, it offers quick results. It only takes a few minutes for the heat to kill bed bugs while other methods can take as much as six hours. Third, it’s cost-effective and doesn’t leave any residues on your surfaces.


Heat treatment works best when combined with other pest control measures. For instance, if you have bed bugs in your mattress, it’s a good idea to combine heat treatment with encasement. Wrapping your mattress after treatment can prevent bed bugs from returning. 


You can also install bed bug monitors. These devices fit under your bed and furniture and catch bugs before they can get in. You can then see how many bed bugs you’re capturing and whether your infestation is under control.


Some professionals also recommend k9 dogs. Bedbug detection k9’s are trained to sniff out bed bugs throughout their lifecycle, from eggs to fully-fledged adults. 


Why Chemical Bed Bug Treatments Are Not Effective


Many people tout chemical treatments as the best in the industry. But when it comes to bed bugs, they aren’t always effective. While chemicals do have their place in treating for bed bugs, they are best used as a preventative than as a removal method.


The main reason is bed bugs’ ability to hide. Chemical treatments don’t always come into contact with them, allowing small populations to live on. This is unfortunately the biggest issue with using chemicals and is the main reason that many chemical services fail. 


In addition, many homeowners worry about spraying insecticides in their homes, particularly on objects they come in close contact with, such as mattresses. 


The solution is to use a bed bug service in Tampa that uses heat-based methods. 

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